Inspiring office tea times to brew up mid-afternoon motivation

The Challenge

To confront and dismiss the perception that fruity teas smell better than they taste, and support growth of Infusions as a category by driving frequency.

Real World Thinking

The product was positioned as a healthy, tasty alternative to stay hydrated by making water wonderful. We wanted to target the 3pm office slump, where energy is down and water becomes boring, to inspire people through fruit teas. So, we tapped into an already adopted means of motivation amongst the audience – the meme.

The Execution

We targeted specific offices on a nationwide office sampling activity with 12 live teams, across 3 consecutive weeks with Twinings goodies.
This included 
3 different samples, a 50p coupon to drive to purchase, bespoke digital content and a commissioned series of beautiful ‘meme posters’. They were designed to be desktop POS to inspire and keep Twinings front of mind.

573,894 sample packs distributed
1.4 million+ Twitter impressions
129,355 new buyers recruited within 6 weeks post



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