Thinking holistically to clear up more than just skin

The Challenge

To create a campaign that would challenge Sanex’s ‘clinical, white coat’ image and encourage people to see the brand as warm and human - without losing their credibility.

Real World Thinking

We realized that the whole skincare industry is built on a bit of a lie – all brands imply that using their products is a one-stop shop to great skin. However, the truth is it takes much more than that; from diet, to sleep, to avoiding stress, and everything else in between. So, we thought if Sanex are the real experts they would have the confidence and honesty to admit that their products aren’t going to give you great skin alone – they’re just part of the solution.

The Execution

The ‘Sanex Six Simple Steps’ traveled the nation educating people on all the things they should be doing to get great skin, other than using exceptional products.
This honest, holistic approach served to strengthen both the brand’s expertise and human qualities whilst accompanying online activity (featuring blogger Sprinkle of Glitter) broadened the reach beyond the live experience.

300,000+ direct educations
+87% "brand I feel close to”
56% of those new to the brand went on to buy



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