Bringing the magic of Equestria on tour, to keep kids playing

The Challenge

To establish growth with new, younger consumers, whilst making certain ‘play’ remained at the center of the experience to compete in an incredibly fierce market.

Real World Thinking

We set out to showcase the incredible world of My Little Pony in both physical and digital spaces to create a ‘must see’ brand experience no matter your age, or relationship with the franchise, whilst immersing you in the magic of the brand.

The Execution

The My Little Pony Friendship Bus toured the country bringing to life the incredible world of Equestria. All kinds of MLP fans could explore the magical environment at festivals, shopping centers, city centers and at retailers. 

Children of all ages were given a ‘Pony Passport’ and everyone who completed it by engaging with experiences took home a bag of goodies, each with an exclusive sign up code to My Little Pony Club. This meant they could keep on engaging with the brand, solidifying the relationship and continuing the fun.

3,500+ sign ups to My Little Pony Club (118%)
2.3million+ total campaign reach
97% full brand recall (EMR record)



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