Bringing consumers into the future of medical technology


To announce LetsGetChecked to a US audience and press in an impactful and authentic way, and to help the brand build connections with the right people – influencers, journalists, and health advocates.


While the services offered by LetsGetChecked are simple enough, the premise of convincing someone to take ownership of their health proactively, and not reactively, is less familiar. To that end, we created an event that put transparency, simplicity - and of course, some intrigue - at the forefront of the consumer experience.


The Longevity Lab, a one-day pop-up event where people were invited to get free medical checks administered by nurses, hear informative programming from health and wellness experts, and sign up for accounts on the LetsGetChecked platform - all within a space designed to feel like the science lab of the future.

One day event open to press and the public
Over 50 health checks administered
Influencers in attendance totalled 1.5M+ followers


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