Providing a real platform for creative talent

The Challenge

To position vitaminwater as a ‘fuel for ideas’ amongst artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and media professionals.

Real World Thinking

This audience is particularly cynical when it comes to marketing spin, so this brief required an indirect approach to gain traction. Instead of bragging about the product, we needed to go out there and actually support creatives; as we knew there’s nothing that creative people recognize more, than getting recognition themselves...

The Execution

We created the Shinebright Studio, a high profile gallery residency where up and coming talent could display their work, alongside established artists, and have it promoted by our media network.
Aspiring creatives could visit the space to learn and be inspired by a series of workshops hosted by established figures such as Jamal Edwards, James Lavelle, Rob da Bank and Foxes.

The Results
53 million+ PR and social reach
+8% belief GVW is an “entrepreneurial brand”
43% conversion to purchase from direct contacts



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